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Matthew Stacy



Matt is a professional photographer and videographer from the United States, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is an avid splitboarder (backcountry snowboarder), hiker, trekker, and beginner mountain climber. His passion for outdoor photography was born in 2019 after moving to Los Angeles and discovering the beautiful mountains of Southern California. Since then, Matt has oriented his entire life around capturing moments in the mountains. In 2022, he visited Perú for the very first time. After living in Huaraz for 6 weeks he realized that he was hooked on the natural beauty of the Cordillera Blanca and the culture surrounding it. In 2023, he returned for 4 months and decided to dedicate his summers in North America to exploring the stunning Peruvian Andes.

Born on: December 20, 1984
Email: support@mikado-themes.com
Phone: +135 4569871 235
Lives in: San Diego
Education: San Diego University