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Since the creation of “Mountain Happiness School and Huaraz – Suiza Peruana E.I.R.L mountaineering Tourism Company ” in 1998, our instructors and guides are memberships from several associations,  rescue and Mountain First Aid organizations, who have participate in  mountaineering rescue tourists.  We feel obliged to organize mountaineering course with the highest standard techniques and procedures, covering essential skills and knowledge needed  and required for individuals who are new to mountaineering or want to build a solid base of skills. Here’s a breakdown  for safe and successful mountaineering experiences.

Also, we are running in part of South America such as Mount Roraima in Brazil, Pico Bolivar & Pico Humboldt in Venezuela, Chimborazo in Ecuador, The Patagonia in Chile and Cordillera Central & Salar de Oyuni in Bolivia.

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TOURS: Paron Lake - Lake 69 - Pastoruri Glacier - Temple Chavin


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