Tour Mt. Pastoruri

Price $45 $35 Full day
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Tour Mt. Pastoruri

$45 $35 per person

Ruta de Cambio Climático: Due to its retreating glacier and the effects of global warming, Pastoruri is being observed as part of the route of dimate change. It was an area with easy access for tourists to ski and to walk up and touch the glacier, however this is not posible now. Pastoruri is located 80 km south of Huaraz. En route you can see the lamous Puya raimondi plants with their gigantic flower stalks. Nevado de Pastoruri is a place for people who love to where time with family and friends in the altitude. This is a really good and nice challenge

Full day
10+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Huaraz city
  • Departure Time
    09:00 hrs
  • Return Time
    17:00 hrs
  • Dress Code
    Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
  • Included
    National Park Fee
    Personal Mountain Guide
  • Not Included
    Cycling Equipment
    Emergency Horse
    Hotel & Accommondation
    Ice Climbing Equipment
    Mountaineering Chef
    Muleteers & Donkeys
    Personal Instructor
    Personal Mountaineering Clothing
    Rock Climbing Equipment
    Technical Equipment
    Trekking Equipment
we take from 9:00 hrs -  9:30 hrs in order to pick you up at your Hotel.
Adventure Beggins
After 1/2 hours south of Huaraz, we stop in a restaurant for provinding ourself of snacks, water, ans staff that we need for ascending to the altitude.
Then in the way towards to SuthEast, We stop again for paying or National Park Fee. Latedly we stop at the Puma Pampa mineral water spring. 10 mints. The second tours stop we do at the flower place Puya de Raymondi. For 15 minuts.
After 2 hours and half we arrive to the glaciar buttom, but we must to trek up for 1,2 k and 100 m. of desnivel in order to reach the Glaciar. 2 and half hours here.
Return 17:00 hrs
In the way back to Huaraz city, the only stop that we do is for louch time at the restaurant where we stoped at the fist time. And we back to Huaraz around tha 17:00 hrs.

Tour Location

Huaraz, Perú
El Nevado Pastoruri, esta Ubicado en la parte Sur de la cordillera Blanca, es el nevado más bajo de toda esta Cordillera.

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