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This the newest way of Santa Cruz Trek. Perfect for people how has not much time to do all the 4 days loops of Santa Cruz trek. So here you visit the most nice part of the this trek includding the famous LAKE 69. Dere your self and come to this adventure trek  in only…

$150 $130 / per person
10.0 Superb

Ven a compartir con tu pareja de este emocionante tours y aventura. Y tómate una foto jamás antes vista aquí al pie del Nevado Huascaran 6768 msnm. Además de pasear en bote también con tu pareja contemplando las aguas de color turquesa del la Laguna Llanganuco 3850 msnm.

$55 $45 / per person

30 Km (by Food & by horse) we are are going to have really nice view with many mountains around the hole trek as Huantsan 5703 m and Shacsha 5610m. And Villages as Olleros and Jauna.

$300 / per person

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$1000 $900 / per person
5 Days

Glacier of Pastoruri 5000m it is a good challenge for all families.

$45 $35 / per person
Full day
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Altitude is a challange. we help you to do a good aclimatization with this sunset hiking.

$30 $20 / per person

The rock climbing workshop in the majestic Cordillera Blanca of Peru! Today, we'll venture into the vertical granite walls and towering mountains of this unique region. Before we begin, let's remember the importance of safety and respect for the environment.

$50 $45 / per person
Full day Work Shop