Mt. Alpamayo 5745m

Price $2500 $2400 8 Days
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Mt. Alpamayo 5745m

$2500 $2400 per person


Southwest Face Direct Route

Alpamayo was nominated “THE MOST BEAUTIFIL MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD” during a 1966 photographic exposition in Munich, Germany.  When viewed from Qebrada Santa Cruz, most people would disagree and wonder how it could carry this lofty title.  However, in the early days, Alpamayo (“muddy wáter” in Quechua) was approached from the north, via Quebrada Alpamayo.  When viewed from this valley, the peak looks like a perfect snow pyramid.

The route commonly rererred to as the Ferrari Route, but since 10 years ago we climbing the Direct route located on the southwest face.

First Ascent:  June 1983.

Elevation Gain:    327m from the bottom of the face.

Grade:  D+

Time:  5 -6 hours from the bottom of the face to the Summit.

Equipment: Helmet,  crampons, 02 technical axes,  02 60m ropes, 12  ice crews, and 3 snow pickets. And lots of prusik rope to leave for ice anchor (Avalacof).

Climbing Alpamayo in Peru is a dream for many mountaineers. Here’s some essential information for planning your climb:

Location: Alpamayo is situated in the Cordillera Blanca range of the Andes in northern Peru. The nearest town and base for most expeditions is Huaraz.

Difficulty: Alpamayo is renowned for its stunning pyramid shape and technical difficulty. The climbing route, known as the Ferrari Route, is rated as one of the most beautiful and challenging in the world. It involves steep snow and ice climbing, with sections of vertical ice up to 90 degrees.

Best Time to Climb: The climbing season for Alpamayo typically runs from May to August, which corresponds to the dry season in the region. During this time, the weather is generally more stable, and the mountain is in optimal climbing condition. However, weather conditions in the Andes can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to be prepared for sudden changes.

Permits and Regulations: Climbing Alpamayo requires a permit from the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism. Your guiding agency or tour operator should assist you in obtaining the necessary permits. Additionally, it’s essential to follow Leave No Trace principles and respect the local environment and communities.

Guided Expeditions: Due to the technical nature of the climb, most climbers opt to join guided expeditions led by experienced mountain guides. There are several reputable guiding agencies based in Huaraz that offer guided climbs of Alpamayo. These guided expeditions typically include transportation, accommodation, meals, equipment, and experienced guides.

Acclimatization: Proper acclimatization is crucial for a successful climb of Alpamayo, as the peak reaches over 5,000 meters (16,404 feet) in altitude. It’s recommended to spend at least a few days in Huaraz or nearby areas to acclimate before beginning the climb. Many climbers also incorporate acclimatization hikes or treks in the Cordillera Blanca before attempting the summit.

Physical Fitness: Climbing Alpamayo requires a high level of physical fitness and technical climbing skill. It’s essential to be in good cardiovascular shape and have experience with ice climbing, glacier travel, and high-altitude mountaineering.

Safety Considerations: Climbing in the high mountains always carries inherent risks, including altitude sickness, crevasse falls, avalanches, and extreme weather. It’s crucial to climb with experienced guides, follow safety protocols, and be prepared for emergencies with proper gear and training.

Environmental Impact: As with any outdoor adventure, minimizing environmental impact is essential when climbing Alpamayo. Pack out all trash, avoid damaging vegetation, and be mindful of wildlife habitat. Additionally, support local conservation efforts and respect the cultural heritage of the region.

With careful planning, preparation, and respect for the mountain environment, climbing Alpamayo can be a challenging and rewarding adventure of a lifetime.

Climbing Alpamayo in Peru offers a myriad of reasons why it’s a bucket list-worthy endeavor:

  1. Iconic Beauty: Alpamayo is renowned for its stunning pyramid shape, often referred to as the “Most Beautiful Mountain in the World.” Its perfect symmetry and pristine white slopes make it a captivating sight for climbers and photographers alike.
  2. Technical Challenge: Climbing Alpamayo via the Ferrari Route presents a significant technical challenge, attracting experienced mountaineers seeking to test their skills on steep snow and ice slopes. It offers a chance to push personal limits and expand climbing abilities.
  3. World-Class Climbing Route: The Ferrari Route on Alpamayo is considered one of the most beautiful and aesthetic climbing routes in the world. Its steep ice walls and challenging terrain provide a thrilling and memorable climbing experience.
  4. Adventure and Exploration: Climbing Alpamayo takes you into the heart of the Peruvian Andes, offering an adventurous journey through rugged landscapes, towering peaks, and pristine wilderness. It’s a chance to explore remote and untouched terrain.
  5. Cultural Experience: Peru’s Cordillera Blanca region is rich in cultural heritage, with indigenous Quechua communities living in the shadow of the mountains. Climbing Alpamayo provides an opportunity to learn about Andean culture, interact with local communities, and appreciate their way of life.
  6. Sense of Achievement: Standing on the summit of Alpamayo after a challenging climb is a moment of triumph and accomplishment. It represents the culmination of months of training, preparation, and determination, and provides a profound sense of achievement.
  7. Natural Wonder: Alpamayo is part of the Huascarán National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity. Climbing the mountain allows you to experience firsthand the awe-inspiring landscapes and unique ecosystems of the Andes.
  8. Connection with Nature: Spending time in the mountains offers a chance to disconnect from the stresses of daily life and connect with the natural world. Climbing Alpamayo provides moments of solitude, reflection, and appreciation for the beauty and power of nature.

Overall, climbing Alpamayo in Peru is not just about reaching the summit; it’s about the journey, the challenge, the beauty, and the experience of immersing yourself in one of the most spectacular mountain environments on Earth.

8 Days
16+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Please arrive by 9:15 AM for a prompt departure at 9:30 AM.
  • Departure Time
    07:30 h
  • Return Time
    17:00 h
  • Dress Code
    Mountaineering equipment,, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
  • Included
    Hotel & Accommondation
    Ice Climbing Equipment
    National Park Fee
    Personal Mountain Guide
    Technical Equipment
  • Not Included
    Cycling Equipment
    Emergency Horse
    Mountaineering Chef
    Muleteers & Donkeys
    Personal Instructor
    Personal Mountaineering Clothing
    Rock Climbing Equipment
    Trekking Equipment
Day 1: Arrival From Lima
Day 1: Arrival in Huaraz
  • Arrive in Huaraz, the base town for most Cordillera Blanca expeditions.
  • Check into your accommodation, rest, and explore the town.
Day 2: Acclimatization
Day 2: Acclimatization in Huaraz
Day 3: Huaraz - Cashapampa - Santa Cruz Valley (Llamacorral Camp)
Day 3: Transfer to Cashapampa and Trek to Llamacorral
  • Depart from Huaraz early in the morning by our private transport to Cashapampa.
  • Begin the trek to Mt. Alpamayo Base Camp, starting with a hike to Llamacorral.
  • Enjoy stunning views of the surrounding peaks and glaciers along the way.
  • Set up camp at Llamacorral and spend the night.
Day 4: Llamacorral Camp - Base Camp
Day 4: Trek to Base Camp
  • Continue the trek to Mt. Alpamayo Base Camp, passing through the beautiful Santa Cruz Valley.
  • Arrive at Base Camp and set up camp.
  • Rest, hydrate, and prepare gear for the climb ahead.
  • Receive a thorough briefing from your guide about the route, safety protocols, and summit day logistics.
Day 5: Base Camp - High Camp
Day 5: Move to High Camp
  • Pack up camp and move to High Camp, located closer to the summit.
  • Ascend to High Camp while carrying only essential gear and supplies.
  • Set up camp at High Camp and prepare for an early start the next day.
  • Enjoy a hearty meal and rest in preparation for the summit attempt.
Day 6: Summit Day
  • Wake up before dawn and have a quick breakfast.
  • Begin the ascent to the summit of Mt. Alpamayo, following your guide's lead.
  • Navigate challenging terrain including snow slopes, ice walls, and crevasses.
  • Reach the summit and savor the breathtaking views of the Cordillera Blanca.
  • Take photos, celebrate briefly, and begin the descent back to High Camp.
Day 7: Descent - Base Camp
Day 7: Descent to Base Camp
  • Descend from High Camp to Base Camp, carefully retracing your steps.
  • Pack up camp and prepare for the trek back to Cashapampa.
  • Spend the night at Base Camp, celebrating the successful summit.
Day 8: Return to Huaraz city
Day 8: Return to Huaraz
  • Trek back to Cashapampa and meet your transport back to Huaraz.
  • Arrive in Huaraz and check into your accommodation.
  • Celebrate your successful climb with a well-deserved meal and rest.