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Huayhuash Alpine

The Alpine Circuit is not the standard, traditional, popular Huayhuash Circuit. The popular route is called the Valley Circuit, and is completed hundreds of times per year, usually with donkey support. By comparison, the Alpine Circuit is more demanding—no donkey support, technical terrain, no pathway to follow, Only a good mountaineering company can leader you over there. The first completion of the Alpine circuit took place in 2004. As of 2012, the Alpine Circuit had probably been completed only a few dozen times. This is a demanding route, with approximately 6000m of vertical gain and the same amount of loss over 80km, all with full mountain backpacks. On the Alpine Circuit, you are on your own. While much of the Alpine Circuit is essentially hiking, many cruxes demand mountaineering skills and experience, with two glacier crossings, steep, exposed terrain, rock and icefall hazard, and short technical rock steps. A 30m 8mm rope, a light axe, and lightweight crampons are recommended.

even  you are sure about whether you have the skills or experience for this route, DO NOT GO hiring a guide services and with a company specializing in adventure turism. Consider the Valley Circuit as an alternative. The best months to do it are May-September.. The route normally takes 8 days, with nearly every day involving a considerable effort. For assistance with logistics, contact Christian Silva If looking for an internationally certified mountain guide who knows the route, The Most Beautiful Trek Around this world Dificultad: Medium. The Alpine Circuit is World Class 8 – 10 Days Mountaineering Adventure in the Heart of the Andes of PERÚ



Lima a city like many.

But very interesting. as a city lost in the time, in the of Colonization time.

We will visit it upon arrival, we will visit its squares and its buildings , we Will be as  we were in the old Spain.

And at night, we will start our course towards CAJATAMBO city  where we will have breakfast where Joe Symson stayed in order to prepare his expedition to TOUCHING THE VOID. (watch  the movie)

LIMA – CAJATAMBO. 7 hours of impressive views from the dunes (Peruvian coast) beside along to the Pacific Ocean with its huge waves. We will pass through rock forests and canyons. Until reaching the foothills of the mountains…

ELEVATION GAIN Lima – Cajatambo


After having breakfast and going deeper into the Cordillera Huayhuash Mountain (Why Wash)… we will do the first step into the mountain (Trekking  for approximately 35 minutes at 1½ k/hour)  towards the Guñoc Thermal Baths.Here we will have lunch, dinner and camp while enjoying the 32 ° – 39 ° of the hot springs water.

ELEVATION GAIN Cajatambo – Hot Spring Guñoc.


The pace of our walk will always be 1 ½ km / hour. This day we will walk approximately 5 – 6 hours to reach the next camping site.

Huayhuash camp is beautiful because we can appreciate the most vertiginous snow-capped mountains of the Cordillera Huayhuash. The trapeze where the Huayhuash Alpine Ciruit passes, There is also the Siula where the famous movie Touching the Void was filmed,. And the butcher and the Yeurpaja show us their most dangerous faces.


Day 4. Split The Group – Until Jaucocha lake Camp (Day 7)

This day some of the group go through the Alpine Route and the others go through the Regular Route of Huayhuash. We will meet again 4 days later.

Huayhuash Alpine Circuit (Alpine Route). On BLUE WAY.

Day 8. Jauhuacocha Lake – Chiquian City.

This day we trek all the family toguether towards Chiquian City. Last day trekking 6 hour aprox.


Day 9

Either Bus to Lima 8 hours or bus to Huaraz city continue for Climbing to the Summit of one of our hundreds mountains in the Cordillera Blanca. We have for beginners, for amateurs and for experts. Youneed only 2 – 4 extra days. Take a look.

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