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Mount Small Ulta (also known as Nevado Chico) is a prominent peak in the Cordillera Blanca range of the Peruvian Andes. It stands at an elevation of approximately 5,305 meters (17,492 feet) above sea level. The Cordillera Blanca is renowned for its stunning alpine scenery, towering peaks, and challenging mountaineering opportunities, making it a popular…

$160 $99 / per person
Full day
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Chopicalqui is a little difficult than the intermediate difficulty of the 6,000m peaks in the range. Really nice views from two valleys Llanganuco and Ulta. Also Chopicalqui is known as the east peack of Huascarán. Chopicalqui is the highest, most beautiful peaks in the Cordillera Blanca with his ridge with a moderate snow climb to…

$1050 $900 / per person
4 days

This the newest way of Santa Cruz Trek. Perfect for people how has not much time to do all the 4 days loops of Santa Cruz trek. So here you visit the most nice part of the this trek includding the famous LAKE 69. Dere your self and come to this adventure trek  in only…

$150 $130 / per person
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9.0 Superb

Vallunaraju is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the stunning nature of the Peruvian Andes, with panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and glaciers.

$650 $550 / per person
1 - 2 Days

Tocllaraju is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Cordillera Blanca range in Perú.  It is a challnging peak.  Yet not too difficult for a first 6,000m peack.  Adventurous yet moderate ice climbing, and an exposed ridge lead to a perfect Summit.  This classic two-day mountaneering adventure is not to be missed.

$950 $900 / per person
4 Days

180m of snow wall and 68° inclination for climbing in one day.

$870 $700 / per person
02 Days / 01 Night
On Budget

The Frozen Lake in the Huascaran National Park 4500 m. It is perfect for adventure and outdoor lovers.

$50 $45 / per person
Full day
Full day tour

Did you know? Mt. Mateo is the most easy climbing mountain over 5200m aroun sud America that you can get the summit in only full day.

$160 $150 / per person
Full day Trip
d "Ruta de los Cóndores"

Nueva impresionante Ruta en el Circuito de Huayhuash - LA RUTA DE LOS CONDORES - . Donde podrás descubrir las impresionantes vistas de los nevados más lindos de los Andes, también podrás contemplar más de 10 lagunas cristalinas y admirar el famoso vuelo del Cóndor Andino. Ah! y no te olvides de preparar la cámara…

$800 $750 / per person
4 Days
10.0 Superb

Ven a compartir con tu pareja de este emocionante tours y aventura. Y tómate una foto jamás antes vista aquí al pie del Nevado Huascaran 6768 msnm. Además de pasear en bote también con tu pareja contemplando las aguas de color turquesa del la Laguna Llanganuco 3850 msnm.

$55 $45 / per person

30 Km (by Food & by horse) we are are going to have really nice view with many mountains around the hole trek as Huantsan 5703 m and Shacsha 5610m. And Villages as Olleros and Jauna.

$300 / per person

Huascarán south is the highest mountain in Perú. It is truly a big mountin, creating its, own eather. The Garganta route provides a loto f glacier travel and big crevasses, along with unavodable avalanche hazards.  Get fit and cclimatized on other peaks, then attempt Huascarán, fast and light, in only 7 days.

$1300 $1150 / per person
7 Days