Usually depart at 8 AM. Book your ticket one day in advance. Check for reliable travel agencies to visit:

Llanganuco Lakes (3800 m.as.I.L): These two beautiful lakes lie between the northern flank of Huascarán and the southern flank of Huandoy,  about 80 km north of Huaraz. The turquoise green and light blue waters of Orconcocha and Chinancocha are trimmed by groves of quenual trees (Polylepis sp.)

Chavin Archaeological Site: Located 109 kms southeast of Huaraz, this impressive and mysterious pre-Incaic temple was discovered by Peruvian archaeologist Julio C. Tello in 1919. Its structures made of enormous blocks of stone contain many subterranean galleries and finely-carved sculptures with designs of felines, birds and serpents characteristic of Chavín iconography, dating from 1000-200 B.C.

Pastoruri Glacier (5000 m.as.l.) Ruta del Cambio climático: Pastoruri, Ruta de Cambio Climático: Due to its retreating glacier and the effects of global warming, Pastoruri is being observed as part of the route of dimate change. It was an area with easy access for tourists to ski and to walk up and touch the glacier, however this is not posible now. Pastoruri is located 80 km south of Huaraz. En route you can see the lamous Puya raimondi plants with their gigantic flower stalks.

Huaraz City Tour: including visits to the Archaeological Museum, the thermal baths of Monterrey and the Wilcahuain archaeological site.

Rataquenua Scenic Lookout: High above the city on its eastern side is a scenic lookout where you can get a panoramic view of Huaraz and the northern part of the Cordillera Blanca. Reached by car or foot via a 7 km-long zigzag road, the lookout connects with a road to Pucaventana, a colorful, eroded canyon southeast of Huaraz, through which one can either return to the city or continue south to the rural town of Macashca, It is recommended to go with a group because of recent reports of thefts. Huaullac: Pre-Incaic archaeological site located on the eastern outskirts of the city. Its reconstructed burial buildings of stone masonry served the local population around600-1000 A.D.

Lake Wilcacocha: A scenic viewpoint ofthe Cordillera Blanca, spectacular views, located int eh Cordillera Negra at 3743 m, 3 hours walk on a rustic trail or one hour by taxi from Huaraz. An ideal location to fly for parapentista enthusiasts.


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